Thursday, December 9, 2010

Two Tips for Today - - It's Follow-Up Day

Today I am following up on two recent posts.  On Monday, I shared two contests that are available to students.  Here is another essay contest that is being shared.  Students in grades 3-12 are eligible.  They need to write 100 word essay about technology and the grand prize is $10,000.
I quoted Wayne Greszsky in my Monday post and I believe his words ring true in all aspects of learning.  He said, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."  One of your students could come away a winner and even it they don't, learning to limit an essay to 100 words is a 21st century skill worth exploring and supporting.  Check out this 100-word essay contest and share it with someone if it won't work for your students.  Pay it forward!  100 words for a possible $10,000!  This is keeping it simple.

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My second follow-up is to my post from December 2nd: "Don't Get Stuck in 1.0" in which I shared a blog post by Nicky Hockly.  The post about Web 1.0 was the first in a series and I am sharing her next installment about Web 2.0, the "read, write web."  Ms. Hockly keeps her explanation simple and I hope you recognize some of the tools she discusses.
Have you moved on to Web 2.0 in your teaching?  Web 2.0 is about engaging students through producing with tools that allow creation and interactivity.  This is something that today's students are quite comfortable doing. 

In this blog, I've been sharing a number of these tools and I look forward to your comments about how you are using the read,write web or Web 2.0.  I hope you keep learning and trying to increase your technology tool kit.  You can do tech!

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