Thursday, September 22, 2011

Learning Kerpoof with Videos

Last November, I blogged about the free multimedia tool Kerpoof. Click here to read my November 11, 2010 post.
 Over the past year, I have shared this resource with a number of teachers and worked with them to find ways to use Kerpoof with their students.  Kerpoof was developed by Disney and is appropriate for all grades.  Kerpoof still keeps it simple and recently, I discovered some some tutorial videos to explain how to use Kerpoof.  Not only do they explain the features of Kerpoof, they also present ways to use it to support instruction.
This 10-minute video is by Tori White. Tori is a teacher and her video provides simple to use examples at the elementary level.

Here is another tutorial from The Covili Channel.

As a consultant, I am frequently asked for follow-up support and videos are an easy way to provide that support.  You can check out YouTube and other video sites for videos of  Kerpoof and other sites you use with your students.  I hope you find these videos are worth a few minutes of your time.  Enjoy!

John Locker for Documentary Videos

If you are looking for a video clip to support a lesson, check out this free multimedia resource, John Locker.  This site keeps it simple and offers documentary videos on a number of topics.  You can search the video library by topic, highest rated, most viewed, featured, and recently published.  The site has content from a number of video sources.  I know some schools/districts block some video sites, so always check your video in advance to ensure that you will be able to view it.
Note - There are ads at the beginning of the videos, but you can simply close the ad and continue to the videos.
In addition, when you create a log in to John Locker, you can upload your own documentary videos.  This option supports my believe in the benefits of digital storytelling.

I hope you will find John Locker a good tool to expand and extend learning in your classroom. As always, leave a comment if you like this resource. Enjoy!
It is very easy to embed the video into your classroom website or blog.  The video page features a description of the video, the video url and the embed code.  This example is Brazil and it's Music.