Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Learning About Web 2.0 Storytelling - A Resource

 Today, I am sharing a wiki about Digital Storytelling that I think keeps it simple but provides information, videos, and conversation on the topic.  You can read about digital storytelling or "click" and enter a discussion on various aspects of digital storytelling.  The authors of this wikispace site, Bryan Alexander and Alan Levine, provide a variety of storytelling links and examples.  This wiki was developed after the two wrote an article in 2008, "Web 2.0 Storytelling, Emergence of a New Genre." Click the title to read the article.
 Check out this wiki to expand your understanding of Digital Storytelling and how to integrate technology into your storytelling lessons.http://web2storytelling.wikispaces.com

I hope you find this wiki resource useful and simple enough to navigate.  Try a few clicks and see what you find.
Share your thoughts in a comment.  Two years after this article was published, has the new genre emerged in your classroom or school?

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