Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Interactive Learning "Sid the Science Kid"

Looking for interactive science resources?  Check out Sid the Science Kid by PBS Kids.  This interactive website offers videos and games on science topics, even a topic of the week.   

I think this site can be used in the classroom and shared as an "at home" learning resource.  Young kids will be engaged and learning with the games and videos.  The characters talk you through the directions and guide you through the games.

Directions are clear and won't require much assistance on the part of teachers or parents.  Kids will get it!

The videos have a weekly theme and some include close captioning.  The health theme for this week has a number of engaging short videos on health topics including germs, fitness, eating healthy, and moving.  I like the fact that PBS updates the site with new content.  Teachers will like this and it will keep kids returning to the site when they visit it at home.

This one's a keeper for the younger set.  Hope you check it out and leave a comment if it works for your class.