Monday, July 25, 2011

GoGo News - Online News for Kids 5-12

GoGo News is an age appropriate news website for elementary and early middle school children.  The site is easy to navigate, even for young children, with articles, pictures and video on topics from around the world. 
Today's headline, a live link to a brief article and YouTube clip, is on the winner of the Tour de France.  The site keeps it simple and can be a good tool for current events instruction.  The site is currently being expanded and  "GoGo Teach" is an interactive area that should be available in the fall.
The other part of the site I like is GoGo Words, an online dictionary.  It has pictures of the words that are defined and the words are used in a simple sentence.  The dictionary collection supports news topics. 

Lastly, there is a free app for GoGo News.  This offers another way to engage your students' interest in news and current events.  Share the app with parents who may have an "i" devise or if you are fortunate to have them in your class, add this free app.

 If you are looking for a safe web tool to use and share with younger students, give this learning tool look. There is enough content to keep kids interested.  I'm sure you will have students that love the jokes on the "fun" page. 
Why did the man run around his bed?  To catch up on his sleep!   Cute!

Big news for little people, a simple but effective tool for your instructional toolkit.