Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Teachers Should Like Google's New Search Option

Last Friday, Google added reading levels to its search tool.  Click to read more. Barry Schwartz wrote this blog about the new reading level option and he keeps it simple.
In the advanced search, you can choose basic, intermediate and advanced reading results for your search.  The "advanced search" option is located to the right of the search box.

This new option offers teachers more options for teaching search skills and helping students find appropriate sites for research projects.  I shared the option at an elementary school today and the teachers felt that it would help them find resources for students that they could read and that they could use in their lessons.  There are additional features in the advanced search that allow you to delineate the file format in a search.  This is another way to narrow your search and can yield more of what you are searching for.
I hope you add the reading level option to your search bag of tools and that you share it with your students.  Try it and see how it works for you.  Write a comment about your use, what your students think about the option or any questions you have.  Happy searching!


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