Thursday, October 7, 2010

ProProfs Quiz Tool - Free! But, check out the deal of the day!

Welcome to my blog.  If you are interested in a easy to use quiz tool that is free but has an upgraded version, keep reading.  ProProfs is a good choice for quiz creation and I just found an offer on their website that is worth sharing.

ProProfs offers an educational price for the upgraded version of the tool.  The pro cost was $10.00 per month but the site says $2.97 per month until October 8th.  You can read the differences between the free and upgrade.  If I were assessing students regularly, I would definitely spend $2.97/month for this tool. Check out the details for yourself but if you use a free quiz/survey tool, this price drop might make it worth upgrading.

Click here to take my Easy Practice Quiz   This will show you question types and you will get a feel for the tool.  The tracking feature and quiz analytics are features that I have found important. 

Proprofs supports my keeping it simple philosophy.  Give it a look and post your comments.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Certifiates, Certificates, WOW!

If you are looking for an easy to use certificate maker website, this one's for you.  It's
This is their education section.  You can check out the other types of available certificates.

Keeping it simple
  • There are pages of available certificates but you can type what you are looking for in a search box
  • This is what I found for music certificates
  • You can vote and rate the certificates and check out your certificate's rating by others.
  • When you find a certificate that meets your needs, you can view or download it.
  • See the download button on my example.  This will save the certificate to your computer.  Then you can add the appropriate name, date.
  • The file is a PDF and the file will remind you that you won't be able to "save" your names.  You will need to print each certificate, if you need multiples.

I appreciate the fact that there is no registration or log-in required but, you can follow certificatestreet by providing an email address.  They also have a blog you can follow.
  • Everyone likes to be recognized and this tool makes it easy for you to print great looking certificates.
Hope you find this site useful.  
Teachers - this one's for you!     

Monday, October 4, 2010

Can't Help But Engage With Ten Frame

Ten Frame from NCTM's Illuminations website is my keeping it simple share for today.  I'm working with teachers at a K-4 school tomorrow and when I clicked on the Illuminations link tonight, I had to share Ten Frame with you.  The Illuminations homepage says this is the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, NCTM's vision for school mathematics.  Their lessons, activities and websites are high quality and worth checking out.

If you can't use this in your classroom, have some fun and solve the math problems with ladybugs, stars, apples or chips.  There are many other interactive learning activities on the Illuminations site.  I'm sure you can find one that meets your needs.  The speech component is great for ELL's and provides good reinforcement.  Ten Frame would work as an individual or group activity on computers or if you have an Interactive White Board.

If you are looking for activities to support your home/school partnership, share Ten Frame and Illuminations with your families.  Happy counting! 

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blogging with Kids

If you are reading my blog, you know a little about blogging.  Blogging with kids is a wonderful way to engage them in the writing process, support Bloom's Taxonomy and model 21st Century learning.  I could go on but I hope you get my drift.

As a teacher, consider commenting on one of my blog posts or another blog you read.  Your comment can be one of support, thanks or a question about the content of the post.  You don't need to share your name and your email address is NOT published.  Blogs can be set up so that the author can approve (or delete) comments.  Many teacher bloggers set up their account with approval of blog comments.

One FREE blog tool that is easy to learn and teach is  It was built for teachers and they really "keep it simple" so it gets my vote.

Here is an article from a veteran teacher who supports blogging with students.  Check it out!

I look forward to your comments and hope kidblog might be a tech tool you use.