Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dropbox - Easy Cloud Storage is a cloud storage web 2.0 tool that offers 2GB of free storage.  They keep it simple and this is what you see when you go to the site.
Click to watch a simple video that will help you understand how Dropbox can help you protect your files.  I continue to work with teachers who still store all of their school documents, lessons, etc. on a school computer and/or a flash drive.  Have you had a computer crash or lost a flash drive?  Dropbox makes sure that never happens.

The first question I get asked when I suggest cloud storage to teachers is whether documents are secure when you save them to Dropbox.  Here is the answer to that question from Dropbox.
 I'm keeping it simple today and simply suggesting that you watch the video on the Dropbox and if you want to try it, download the tool and start saving your files.  I hope Dropbox is a tool that you consider adding to your technology tool box.
If you use it, please leave a comment on this post so other teachers can learn how it works for you.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Interactive White Boards - Learning and Resource Guide

I do a lot of work with teachers to support and increase their knowledge and appropriate use of IWB's (Interactive White Board).  I came across this resource page that was developed by the Florida Diagnostic & Learning Resource System Network as part of a US Dept. of Education grant.  I am always looking for simple, quality resources to use with teachers.
  • If you want to learn more about Smartboard and all the other interactive white boards that are available, this site is for you!  
  • If you are looking for ways to use your IWB with your students, this site if for you!  
  • If you need more interactive lesson activity resources, this site is for you!  The resource page is well organized, most of the links work and the developers "keep it simple."  
Whether you are an IWB power user or just learning about this powerful learning resource, this webpage has something for you.  The site is organized into four categories: companies that make IWB's, tutorials, interactives, and downloable resources. 
Types of IWB's
I hope you check out this extensive learning resource.  Interactive white boards are becoming very popular in Pre-k -12 schools so I am pleased to share an IWB resource with  you.  When used interactively, they provide a high level of engagement in the classroom. 
I you already use an IWB, leave a comment if you find something new or different on the resource page.  How do you get your students interacting with the board? 

Congratulations to the FDLRS Network for this quality tool.