Friday, March 11, 2011

Learn About Browsers and the Web - Interactively

Everyone can learn something from this interactive, online book called, "20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web."
You simply click on the right and the page turns.  20 things include:
Cloud Computing
Online Privacy
A Browser Madrigal
Staying Safe
Browser Cookies
Plug Ins and Extensions
Malware and a dozen more interesting things you and your students have probably heard about or may know something about.

The book supports my "keep it simple" philosophy. Congratulations to the developers and illustrator for their clever, useful information source.

This e-book would be a good way to support a digital literacy program/lesson.  Check it out and see how much you know.
Share your thoughts about this resource in a comment.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Prepare for Pi Day

March 14th is Pi Day around the world!  

Teach Pi Organization - - a simple to use teaching site that has more information, lessons, songs, facts, activities, projects, books and more.  There is something on this site to support a teaching point in every curricular area for all levels.  Check out the Pi Rap, it's clever!

Kristen's Pi Resources has lesson activities, links to Pi videos and an online Google Forms survey for you to share what you plan to do with your students on Pi Day.  It's quick and simple to complete.

I know there are many quality Pi Day lessons and resources but if you follow my site, you know my goal is to keep it simple for teachers integrating technology in classrooms.  If you know another good Pi Day resource, share it as a "comment" below.  If you use Teach Pi or Kristen's Pi Resources, share what you did with your class.  

Monday, March 7, 2011

Web 2.0 Timeline Creation With Teachnology

Last week, I had several teacher requests for an application or website that would allow students to create a timeline.  Social studies classes are doing research projects and teachers are looking for easy ways to depict dates and events in history.

There are a number of online timeline creation sites and I am sharing one that is simple and allows students to develop either horizontal or vertical timelines with up to nine events/dates.

Teachnology is a free online resource for K-12 teachers that provides many different resources including: printable worksheets, rubrics, online games, lesson plans, webquests, and more.

Their timeline creator "keeps it simple" and can be used by elementary students with ease.

You choose the type of timeline you want, enter a title, dates and events, and click create.

This is the finished product with just one click.

I have used this website with 3rd grade students and older.  It is one that teachers want bookmarked on every computer.

Try it with your students if you need a simple to use timeline and let me know how it worked by commenting on this post.  Enjoy this simple, but effective tool and check out the many other tools that you will find on the Teachnology website.

Note - Teachnology does offer a subscription but many of their resources are free, without a log in.