Thursday, December 16, 2010

Algebasics - Free Math Tutorials with Audio

Frequently, I learn about new websites and online tools from teachers. In my work in technology integration, I  am always looking for new ideas, integration strategies, tools, websites, etc.  Today, I shared with a group of teachers and at the end of my demo, a teacher asked me if I had heard of algebasics.  This is a website she uses with middle school special education students and her students love it.  High praise made me curious so I checked it out and I am sharing it with my blog readers.
I love the algebasics motto, "show me how, now!" When kids don't know something, isn't that what they want?  This website provides free, audio supported solutions to math problems in 16 algebraic topics.  The site keeps it simple. 

This is the list of content on the algebasics website.

This is what students see under the sections.  There are three simple stops, as you can see in this screen shot.  You need audio, select an example and click on it to play. 

The solutions are clear and easy to understand in English.  If you are math teacher, I hope you share this site with your students.  I like that fact that students can listen and watch the example being solved as many times as they need or like. 
This is what you see when the problem is being solved.  It is not interactive but rather like an audio book of basic algebra examples with solutions. The site shows you "how," as their motto says.

Algebasics is now on my list of best tutorial math sites and I hope you check it out to see if it meets your needs.  If you don't teach algebra, pay it forward by sharing it on to a colleague. 

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