Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Prepare for Pi Day

March 14th is Pi Day around the world!  

Teach Pi Organization - - a simple to use teaching site that has more information, lessons, songs, facts, activities, projects, books and more.  There is something on this site to support a teaching point in every curricular area for all levels.  Check out the Pi Rap, it's clever!

Kristen's Pi Resources has lesson activities, links to Pi videos and an online Google Forms survey for you to share what you plan to do with your students on Pi Day.  It's quick and simple to complete.

I know there are many quality Pi Day lessons and resources but if you follow my site, you know my goal is to keep it simple for teachers integrating technology in classrooms.  If you know another good Pi Day resource, share it as a "comment" below.  If you use Teach Pi or Kristen's Pi Resources, share what you did with your class.  

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