Monday, March 21, 2011

Teach Writing Transitions With the Owl Online Writing Lab

Are you looking for grammar and writing resources?  Purdue University's Owl Online Learning Lab has many learning tools that can help students of all ages.  These writing transitions are an example of the "keeping it simple" way the handouts on Owl are produced.  The information is clear, easy to understand and accurately presented. 
The transitions are just one of many helpful pages on the writing mechanics section of the website. You can see the extensive list of resources on the left. 
This site has a ton of writing resources.  The general writing url is:

Share this quality writing resource with students and give them another way to learn the tools that will make them better writers. 

This site is a great example of a college English department sharing free information that can be used by all educators and students.  Check it out and use the link I have shared to help your students add some new transitions to their essays.

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