Sunday, February 6, 2011

Quicklyst is a simple to use tool that I think teachers and students need to try.  It was created by a high school student and I have included an interview with Shantanu Bala.  He gets the need to keep it simple, exactly what I try to do with this blog.

Simply, Quicklyst allows you to take outline-style notes online and while you are typing your notes, you can get definitions from Duck-Duck Go and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary and link to information from Wikipedia (he says he will expand partner sites.)  Students can begin using the tool immediately and you only need a user name and password to create an account and you do not need an email address.
Quicklyst allows students to save notes, print, download, or send notes to a mobile devise. 

Here is the link to the getting started guide.
This tool is very new but from what I see, it is engaging, simple to learn and can provide a necessary option for students to create study guides, note lists, collaborative question lists, review sheets, and more.  I also like that if you are a Kindle or mobile devise user, Quicklyst mobile has an app that links your account - anytime, anywhere learning!

An Interview with Shantanu Bala, the high school student/developer of a new Web 2.0 note taking tool, Quicklyst.  I think this young man has a bright future.  You may also want to share his inventiveness with your students.

Try Quicklyst and share your thoughts in a comment. 

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