Thursday, February 3, 2011

Google Art Project - Technology Rocks!

Google's new Art Project allows you access to the art collection in museums around the world.  This is one of those sites you need to see to appreciate.  I haven't shared many technology resources for arts teachers, but the Google Art Project is an example of how technology can bring paintings to life for you and your students. 

It's somewhat like Google Earth but with paintings on the walls of museums.  You can pan the room, zoom, find out information about each painting, see museum floor plans, post links of pictures to social networking sites, and build your own art collection, if you have a Google account.

There is a FAQ page that includes videos, including a visitor's guide.  This would be a good way to introduce the Art Project to students.  The FAQ discusses copyright protection of the images and Google's terms of use.  It is important that students understand copyright as it applies to paintings - a great opportunity to discuss fair use of images. 
The ability to build a collection of online art is very cool.  I hope you check out the Google Art Project and please share it with any art teacher you know.
Here is one example of a van Gogh I like.

Painting Details

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