Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vocaroo - A Super Simple Way to Create Voice Recordings

Vocaroo is a free online voice recording tool that doesn't require any software installation.  It's one of those little tools with big possibilities.  I shared this with some teachers today and they quickly came up with ideas for using it so I decided to share it here. When you open the site, this is what you will see.  Vocaroo really keeps it simple.
All you do is click to record and start your recording.  You can use the computer's build in mic or plug in an external mic.  When you are done you can preview your recording and re-record if you aren't satisfied.  When are are ready to share your recording, you can email it, embed it in a website by copying the html code that you will see, or you can download the file.
  I looked for some examples of teachers using Vocaroo and found Mr. C's website.  His assignment was for his elementary students to use Vocaroo to record a reflection.
The teachers I shared Vocaroo with came up with some ideas on how they might use the recording tool.  They want to try recording homework assignments and posting them to their Google sites, have students record responses to assignments, have students explain math problems, and share class announcements.  There are many ways you can use this simple but effective tool.  Try recording and see what you think.  The simplicity of the tool makes it a good choice for giving students a "voice."  It could be the start of a class podcasting project. If you use Vocaroo, post your experience as a comment.  If you have ideas on how you could use this voice recording tool, please post them too.

This is how a Vocaroo recording looks when it is embedded.  Click the triangle to hear my recording. 

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