Monday, October 3, 2011

Google Docs Users - Self-Grading Flubaroo Rocks!

In my technology consulting, I've worked with a number of schools that are using Google Apps with students. I've written a number of posts about various features of Google and Google Apps but I haven't written anything about using Google Form in the Docs menu.  Google Docs Form allows teachers to create online surveys, quizzes or tests.

Here is an example of a quiz that I created using Google Docs Form.  You can take this 3 question quiz to get an idea of how you easy it is to with your students.  But, teachers who like using the "Form" often complain that grading the online quizzes is as time consuming as grading a paper/pencil quiz.  There are a number of ways to use Microsoft Excel formulas to grade your Google Form. However, it is somewhat complicated to do this if you aren't comfortable with Excel.  Last April, creating self grading quizzes/tests became much easier thanks to a Google employee, Dave Abouav.  Dave created an Apps Script for Google that calculates grades and he called it Flubaroo and it is FREE.

The teachers I have shared it with absolutely love using Flubaroo.  I think the easiest way to learn how to use Flubaroo is by watching the tutorial video.

There are a few steps to get to grading your quiz/test but once you learn the steps,  grading your quizzes and tests will be a breeze.  From the welcome site, you can read what other teachers are saying about Flubaroo and read the directions for using it on the "overview."

As you can see from this screen shot, the website keeps it simple for you.  I encourage teachers who use multiple choice quizzes and tests to check out Flubaroo and give it a try.  I hope you like this tool as much as I do. 

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