Monday, September 5, 2011

Intel Visual Ranking Tool

In my last post, I wrote about the Intel Engage website and the professional development that Intel offers for teachers.  In addition, Intel Engage has a number of free tools and resources for teachers. 
One of my favorite free tools that is available on the Intel Engage website is their Visual Ranking tool.  Intel provides examples for you to view, practice and use.  This tool can be used by a teacher with an LCD projector, with an interactive whiteboard, or on individual/group computers.  Teachers frequently make lists in lessons but, the use of a ranking tool taking a list and organizing ideas, prioritizing, debating similarities and differences,  and evaluating importance of list items, dates, events, etc.

The Visual Ranking interactive tool can be used by individuals or ranked by groups of students.  After students rank the choices, they can compare their list to those from other groups or individuals.  Additionally, the tool provides correlation data so math is included in the use of the visual ranking tool.  Here is a short video of Intel's Visual Ranking tool that keeps it simple.

Using this tool promotes higher level thinking and supports necessary discussion, debate, analysis, and comparisons that engage students in meaningful learning.  There is so many ways that teachers can use this tool.  I hope you will register on the Intel Engage website and check out this tool and see what it does, watch the video, and try the tool with your students.

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