Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Edit Your Pictures with Aviary - A Simple to Use Tool

There are lots of picture editing tools that teachers can use with students.  Aviary is an excellent one that has a clean interface and is simple to use.  Here is  a picture I uploaded, edited and framed with one click. 
You upload a picture, click on various editing tools and save. How many times do you students take pictures that need to be cropped or brightened?  Aviary is an answer! 

 In addition, teachers can join the education version of Aviary - Here teachers can create private student accounts, use a variety of editors for images, music, and sounds, and manage projects in Aviary Education, in a safe, controlled environment.  You will need to request a free login to Aviary Education. Here is a screen shot of the education version request. 

Give Aviary a try.  I think it is a good tool for your classroom multimedia projects or for editing your personal pictures.  If you already use Aviary, write a comment about your experience with this web tool. 

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