Friday, June 24, 2011

School Wax TV - Save to View and Upload

School Wax TV is a simple to use video website that provides screened videos for K-12 students and teachers.  In addition, you and your students can upload a video to the site. School Wax TV has search tabs for elementary, middle school, high school, educators, and student projects.  Within each level, they have videos for English, math, science, social studies, world language, and more.  There is also a search tool if you or your students are looking for a video on a particular topic.
Here is an example of a School Wax TV video.  Check out the grade level topics.  You will find everything from math tutorials to author book talks and NASA science demonstrations.

I've blogged about digital media resources and tools and I think School Wax TV supports student storytelling. Since it is becoming so easy to create videos in schools, consider submitting a creative video project to School Wax TV for publication so your have a wonderful digital artifact of your project.
The site provides FAQ's to make video uploading simple.

Check out School Wax TV and see if it is a tool you can use to either view safe, reliable learning videos or consider uploading a video you have created. Enjoy what they have to offer and consider sharing your thoughts in a comment.

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