Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Google Site - Picture Pizazz

I work with a number of teachers who have classroom websites using Google Sites and this week I did a presentation on Adding Pizazz to a Google Site.  One of the keeping it simple  examples I offered was to add a picture collection.  Adding pictures to Google Sites and Blogger is easy and I usually insert a number of pictures to my blog posts.  However, when you want a collection of images, formating can become unwieldy so here is my tip.

Create your page, insert a table on the page, add an image to each cell on the table.  Your images will be aligned and have a neat look on your page.

In my example, I created a 3 x 3 table and the pictures resize to fit the chart.  Then, you can click on individual pictures and enlarge them.   If you like to share pictures of events or examples of student work, try this tip to organize the images.

I hope you find my simple tip useful if you have a Google Site.  If you don't have one, try creating one.  It's free and easy.

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