Monday, May 23, 2011

Engaging Science with "Science Monster"

In New York State, students are preparing for the state science assessment so teachers engaging science websites has been a topic I have been discussing with teachers.  If you have a favorite, please share it in a comment.
Science Monster is a site I recently found and it offers excellent information and interactive games on a number of science topics. 
You can click the pictures or from a list at the bottom of the page.   The topics include Earth Science, Technology, Solar System, Physics, and Plants.  There are additional topics that will be added in the future.
Each topic brings you to a lesson on a topic and then to an interactive learning game.

The Technology section has good information about the Internet and future lessons will include lasers, computer viruses, nano-technology, television, and how a computer works.  Is is obvious that Science Monster is still in development, but what is there so far is worth checking out.  The site "keeps it simple"and is easy to navigate. 
Science Monster is part of Cool Math so if your students like Cool Math, they will also find Science Monster as engaging.

If you like the site, please share a comment about how you use it and what your students think of the site.  Enjoy!

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