Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Classroom Review Games With "Super Teacher Tools"

Flash Jeopardy Review GameIn the northeast, we are in review time before the end of the school year.  Teachers are looking for online games and tools so I want to share an excellent one that is still totally free, Super Teacher Tools.  Are you looking for an easy to use Jeopardy game?  This site has it and they make embedding your game into your blog or website.  The game can be downloaded on Windows OS.
This is the site's sample Jeopardy game.

Super Teacher Tools allows you to edit the categories/question/answers with one click, keeping it simple.

Although Jeopardy is the sites most popular game, they offer a number of other review games including Millionaire, Speed Match, a board game, and Hangman.  There are also classroom management tools like random group/name generator.  In addition, there is a classroom seating chart that works well.

If you are looking for an easy to use and edit review site, look no further.

I have been using these games in my interactive whiteboard training with teachers and they work well.  Teachers have been impressed at how simple it is to use, edit and create interactive games using Super Teacher Tools

Enjoy this site if you are looking for a fun game or if you are in the heat of serious review for high stakes tests like the Regents Exams that are given in New York State.

Check out the site and leave a comment if the games or tools work for your classes.

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