Thursday, April 14, 2011

Digital Footprints - Do We Scare or Prepare?

This week, I did a parent presentation about learning online with children.  I talked about digital footprints and I shared what parents could do to support online learning and what they can do to protect their children when they are online.  Based on their response, I am not sure if anyone has shared this type of information before or if they had thought about it before.  We need to have this type of conversation more in schools.  

So, when I read this article, Positive Digital Footprints by William Ferriter, the topic resonated with me, based on personal experience in schools.  The ideas shared by Ferriter will increase your understanding of the topic and, I hope, spark an interest for inquiry and conversation in your school or organization.  He keeps it simple and offers ideas for "preparing" students and not "scaring" them about being online.  I hope you will read the article.

In Ferriter's article, he quotes technologist Will Richardson who believes that today's kids will be judged by their digital footprint and the positive ways they learn, share and connect online.  Achieving this is going to take a lot of work educating administrators, teachers, parents, and students.  I have worked with teachers and administrators who fear using Google Docs because someone will find them and who want blogs that no one besides the class can view.  We still have work to do to get educators to support online publishing, e-portfolios and the many other ways students can positively and creatively build their digital footprint.  Can we prepare and support students' development of a positive digital footprint?  What do you think?

If your school or organization promotes developing a positive digital footprint, share your idea in a comment.  

Here is a final thought for today... 

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