Monday, January 24, 2011

Know It All - Interactives for Every Subject and Level

Know It All is an interactive web learning portal that was developed by South  Carolina Educational TV through grant funding.  If you use an interactive white board or even an LCD projector in your class, you have to search this site.  The url is:

They include links to virtual field trips, games and puzzles, and so much more.  You can also sign up for a free newsletter.

This site is well developed and worth a peek.

A few "keeping it simple" things I really like about this site.
  • The site layout is clean and simple.  
  • It has tabs with resources for students and  parents & teachers.
  • You can search by subject,  by grade level and alphabetically.
  • The site has interactives for elementary through high school so there is something for all teachers.
  • You will find dozens of quality interactive actvities and lessons.

You can access the site areas as a "guest" or you can join FREE with a user name and password. 

One of the sites I have used is Hobby Shop, a math and science interactive website.
There are several activities.  i am sharing screen shots of the microscope interactive with the human bone cells.

You click on objects to move through the activity.

You can choose to view onion cells or human bone cells under the microscope.

You make microscope adjustments and here is the result. Obviously, it is more engaging when interactive but I hope you get the idea.

On the site, you can read more information about S.C. Ed TV and the funding for this web portal.  I hope you find somthting you can use in your classroom and that you share the website with your students.

Consider sharing how you use Know It All on a blog comment below.

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