Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ideas and ISTE NETs - Keeping It Simple

Curriculum Ideas for Technology Integration, is a blog post on edtech Vision by Colette Casinelli. 

This list connects practical classroom activities to the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) for students.  If you are looking for a manageable number of ideas to consider for your next classroom project or lesson, you will enjoy this post that keeps it simple.

As you develop a classroom lesson or project, look at the NETS for Students and I have blogged about the NETS in previous posts.  As you read the list of ideas, you may find some that you have already implemented in your class.  Decide which technology standard your lessons are supporting.

It is very important to reflect on your classroom practices and evaluate the quality of the assignments and/or classroom activities you develop for your students.  Use Ms. Casinelli's post as a jumping off point or a connection to NETS and your current practice. If you are just dipping your feet in the water of technology integration, this post should expand your understanding of quality practices that are linked to the NETS.

Leave a comment on if you find the information helpful to your practice and professional learning.  Share your thoughts and keep learning

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