Thursday, October 7, 2010

ProProfs Quiz Tool - Free! But, check out the deal of the day!

Welcome to my blog.  If you are interested in a easy to use quiz tool that is free but has an upgraded version, keep reading.  ProProfs is a good choice for quiz creation and I just found an offer on their website that is worth sharing.

ProProfs offers an educational price for the upgraded version of the tool.  The pro cost was $10.00 per month but the site says $2.97 per month until October 8th.  You can read the differences between the free and upgrade.  If I were assessing students regularly, I would definitely spend $2.97/month for this tool. Check out the details for yourself but if you use a free quiz/survey tool, this price drop might make it worth upgrading.

Click here to take my Easy Practice Quiz   This will show you question types and you will get a feel for the tool.  The tracking feature and quiz analytics are features that I have found important. 

Proprofs supports my keeping it simple philosophy.  Give it a look and post your comments.

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