Saturday, November 13, 2010

Virtual Math Manipulatives - interactive learning for all ages

Utah State's National Library of  Virtual Math Manipulatives is one of the best interactive sites for students from Pre-k through high school.

The organization of the site with the grid format keeps it simple  and easy to find the appropriate manipulative for your concept and grade level.

The interactive games provide the correct answer for students and the activities work well on an interactive white board.  I have teachers who use the tool as an introduction to a new lesson and then provide opportunity for students to use the site for practice on individual computers.

Here are two of the dozens of interactive, virtual manipulatives.  Check through the site and see how the manipulatives could support your math lessons.  I've seen high levels of student engagement when teachers use the Virtual Manipulatives.

Check out the site and play with with the interactives. Then try one with your class or share it with a colleague.
Post your comments and share your thoughts about the site.

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