Thursday, November 4, 2010

Video Site - Next Vista is a video library site for teachers and students.  You can search and watch videos and you can also post a video to the site.  You will see excellent video explanations, under 5 minutes, of pertinent topics recorded by students from elementary through college. 
This example is Telling A Story.
 This is Music In Brasilia.

The tabs, Seeing Service and Global Views, offer videos an international perspective of good deeds and views schools throughout the world.  Next Vista is supported by grants and donations.  "Learning is stronger when it starts with an engaging introduction of each topic." 

The interface keeps it simple, easy for teachers and students to navigate.

In addition to providing concise videos, the site offers student the opportunity to create a multimedia piece to showcase a topic, event or person and it could be approved for inclusion on Next Vista.

I really like the focus and philosophy of the site and I hope you do to.  Try a video introduction when you begin your next unit and introduce your students to Next Vista for Learning.  See if these videos engage your students and perhaps pique their interest in developing a multimedia presentation for submission. 

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