Sunday, November 21, 2010

Site Sharing with Portaportal

Portaportal is another tool teachers can use to organize and share websites.  The free version of the Web 2.0 tool works well but there is an upgraded membership that eliminates the ads.  You will need to register for Portaportal but it is quite simple.  Portaportal offers a getting started tab that helps keep it simple. They also clearly state their privacy policy so you know that your websites will not be linked to your email address.

With Portaportal, you create categories of websites you want to share and you populate a form.  When your portaportal site is displayed, your categories are listed and they link to the sites you have saved.  You can continue to update your portaportal and you share the link with students, colleagues, etc.  They will be able to easily find and use the sites you add to your Portaportal.

The best way to understand Portaportal is do see what other teachers have created.  I have shared a screen shot of one Portaportal and links to a few more.  Check out this easy to use tool.  Give it a try and see if it works for you and your students.  As always, share your thoughts and comments at the bottom of this post. 

This is Harveys Portaportal.
You click the "triangle" next to a topic to open the category and reveal the weblinks.

Here are two examples you can explore.
 A resource portaportal.
A math and science portaportal. 
Training resource page -

Enjoy Portaportal a new way to organize and share your bookmarked websites.  Does anyone have any other ideas on how to use Portaportal?

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