Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lesson Support - Who is your hero?

English classes in the schools where I have been working are beginning a unit on non-fiction writing and it is also bullying awareness week.  I was researching resources to support the English teachers and I came across a website I haven't visited in a while.  This not for profit organization supports anti-bullying efforts that are important for our schools and I can't think of better examples of 

Have you seen the My Hero Project website?  According to the website, "the MY HERO Project was founded in 1995 by Karen Pritzker, Jeanne Meyers and Rita Stern as a response to the lack of positive role models in the media for children. This not-for-profit website was built on the belief that people of all ages from around the world would participate by sharing stories, art, and short films that illuminate heroes from all walks of life."

Students are able to submit writing, art or short films to My Hero Project and the site has teacher resources and lesson plans.  My Hero Project activities address the ISTE NETs and the connection is stated on the site.
There is a well developed set of resources, galleries of work, and lesson plans to support the mission of the site.  Students can register and create a "my hero webpage" on the site.  

I hope you will check out My Hero Project.  It is an inspirational project that is worth exploring.  Let's get kids exploring a hero, developing creative projects and participating in the lesson activities that you will find on the site.

Leave a comment about your experience with My Hero Project.

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