Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wonder Wheel - A New Way To Search

If you are looking for a different way for your students to view their searches on Google, click "more search tools" on the left tool bar after you enter your search terms.  Wonder Wheel meets my "keeping it simple" philosophy.

This is the traditional format for a search on "native american corn recipes."  It should look very familiar. 
 If you open the "more search tools" option on the left, you will see Wonder Wheel.  Click Wonder Wheel, this is what you will see.

Your search list will still appear on the right side of the page but Wonder Wheel reveals a web with 8 spokes to narrow your search with the original search term in the center.

With the Wonder Wheel feature, you click one of the spokes and a new wheel with 8 more spokes appears.  

This is one of several options you have using a Google search.  The visual nature of using the wheel can offer you another way to teach Internet searching in your classroom.  Once you try this tool, try some of the other options Google offers.

If you use the Wonder Wheel feature with students, please share  your experience and thoughts in the comment box.  Happy searching with a wonderful tool. 

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