Saturday, October 2, 2010

FREE Post-It Notes - Online

 Are you a post-it user?  Do your students like using post-its in your class?
I found an easy tool that allows you to create a post it note and save it to your computer.  I inserted it to this post as an image.
Post-It Note Generator does not require a registration or email.  Students could easily use it.

Keeping it Simple

There are 5 easy steps for creating your post-it.  Lots of fonts to check out.  The default font is handprint.   You can also adjust your words up/down & left/right, if you choose.
Note - Step 5 is a bit misleading.  You can save your note by clicking it, right-click, save as, re-name and save to the location of your choice.

Have fun with this tool.  Try creating a post it for your class homework and display it for students.  Or, try listing student names for groups using .  It's fun to see your name on a post it note!

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